Baby Update week 38!

Baby update week 38!
I had another doctor appointment on Friday. Everything went really well. Baby is still hanging out head down, ready to go! His/her heartbeat was a little lower than usual but the doctor said it’s still in the normal range and that sometimes the baby’s heartbeat will lower closer to the due date.
I must have enjoyed a few extra bowls of ice cream this week b/c I’ve gained 3 more lbs this week!!

I’ve been feeling pretty good. I’ve had to slow down quite a bit which is hard for me to do! Bear has been great about taking care of me and making sure I get a chance to put my feet up! (they do swell quickly these days!)

Along with feeling the need to clean and arrange our apartment I also have taken steps to take care of some girly beauty things before the baby comes. Last week it was getting my eyebrows threaded. This week it was haircut time! Next week I’m thinking pedicure! We recieved a coupon in the mail for a haircut at great clips for $6.99. Well that sounded like a great price to pay for a haircut so off I went! I walked into this place and felt like I had walked back into 1995. They had these sail like things seperating each cutting station in bright colors. The women working there could not have been sweeter. They were so nice. The women that cut my hair looked like a sweet southern aunt! She commented that her and the other women working at the salon had curly hair so she knew what I dealt with on humid days. (her hair was kind of a frizzy mess all thrown up on the top of her head with a banana clip thing!) To help with the frizz and dryness of my hair she applied a leave in conditioner treatment that she wanted me to leave in for a few days. So after the haircut she wasn’t going to do anything with it, I was just going to put it in a pony tail. Well she decided to do the pony tail for me AND she added her own flare! As she’s finishing my ponytail she says “there I put a little style in it”. This confirms my thought that I had entered 1995 because she put a slip knot loop thing in my hair. Totally the style I loved in 5th grade!!! I met up with Barrett and was so excited to show him and have him take a picture. As he was admiring it he starting laughing saying it looks like an anus!! I can’t believe you went grocery shopping with a sphincter on your head!!! (yes I went grocery shopping after, it was right next store! And I wanted Barrett to take a picture before I took it out and he wasn’t home yet!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alice
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 00:21:57

    OH my goodness its a TOPSY TAIL!!


  2. stephieloves
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 01:25:38

    YES! Thank you…I could not think of what the heck that was called! Hilarious!


  3. kelly
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 04:40:20

    Hahah! I was literally laughing out loud….don’t you remember my great clips of albania story??? you look great! Love you!


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