Week 39 and feeling like it’s a fine time for a baby!

Another week has flown by, which means another trip to the doctor!  Absolutely no new news.  We are in a holding pattern.  The baby (and God) get to decide when he or she will join us and its getting harder and harder to wait!!  I just cannot wait to meet Baby Wimer.  My doctor said we will talk more about induction after my next appointment (the 27th) if the baby hasn’t come yet.  She did say that she would induce probably before labor day if I don’t have the baby before that.  I told Bdub to come out on his/her own because I am not comfortable with kicking a baby out!  I am not a fan of being induced so if everyone could pray for a natural start to this process that would be great!  5 more days til the due date and than Yiayia, Pappou, Great Grandma, Aunt Claire, Uncle Chris, and Thalia will all be in town!  It doesn’t get better than this.  I have been feeling so completely blessed with all the love and support.  Thank you all so much!

39 weeks and 1 day!

In other news, Barrett is a published author! His friend Jim has a music blog that Barrett got to write a song diary for!  Here is the link so you can read it!  http://www.drawuslines.com He did such a great job they asked him to write some more.  I’ll let you know when Barrett writes for him again.  (The date he wrote was 8/19/10).

We just made strawberry ice cream so I am going to enjoy that! Check back in a few days, I documented the whole process! Pics and all!



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  1. Anni Jennings
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 14:29:04

    Hey Steph (and Bear)

    You look terrific! We too can’t wait for Baby Wimer! The night before Barrett was born, I spent the night at his soon to be home assuring their dog, Dante, that Christi would be fine(Dante was very sensitive). Then, the next morning I got to head to the hospital to meet him! We love you both and can’t wait to be Great Aunt and Uncle!



  2. baa@zoominternet.net
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 13:08:34

    Hi Steph! I can imagine that you guys are very anxious! I’ve been checking daily to see if any news and Mom & Dad ask everytime I see them. I can’t wait to see baby’s pic and the smiles on your faces! Praying for an easy time during delivery. Love you guys! Aunt Barb


  3. Stephanie B
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 19:19:05

    You look great, about ready to pop! Holy Moly! I also love the picture where you are wearing the future baseball fan shirt. It made me laugh out loud! Hope you have the little guy this weekend when everyone is in town.

    Good luck and I will be praying that everything goes well! Love you!


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