Loving Grand Rapids!

Stella took her first major road trip Thursday night!

One of Barrett’s favorite musicians and his wife were playing a free concert in Grand Rapids on Thursday at Calvin College.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to go see friends and take advantage of the fact that I was still on maternity leave and go for a trip mid week! Barrett was doing some work on a house in Berkley so it was up to me to pack us up for the overnight trip.  I would have bet money that essentials would be forgotten! I was trying so hard to make sure I had everything we could possibly need.  I ended up just doing laps around the house looking for stuff to throw in the bag! Thankfully, and a little surprising, we had everything we needed.  Once Bear got home, we strapped Stella in and hit the road.  Libby even got a treat! She got to spend the night with Uncle Alex, Aunt Donna and Michelle!  I was so happy they could love on her because she is still getting use to the fact that she has to share our love and affection.

We got to Grand Rapids just in time to hang out with Lauren and Sam and their kids before having to head to the concert.  Eli is 2 and Olivia is 6 months old.  It was crazy to see all the things a 6 month old can do that Stella can’t quite yet.  We were so amazed at the difference and how quickly babies seem to grow!  Sam and Lauren were fantastic hosts!  Sam took on the challenge of babysitting all 3 kids while Lauren, Barrett and I went to the concert!  Here is a photo of the world’s best babysitter!

We got to see Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken! They are both fantastic musicians and song writers.  I was going to post a video of it but it isn’t the right file type.  Here is a picture from the concert.

On Friday morning we left Sam and Lauren’s to venture downtown.  Grand Rapids has this amazing event called ArtPrize. Basically it is an art festival/competition that takes place all throughout the city in different stores, buildings, outside, etc.  It was amazing.  There are over 1700 pieces of art throughout the city! We didn’t even make a dent in all of it but we had so much fun walking around and finding different pieces. Here are some highlights!

The artist encouraged people to ring the large bell!

The green on this piece is made of glass!

Speaks for itself...

Really great piece about clean water awareness

Me and Stella hanging out!

This piece was done by WasteManagement!

Plan B Town - people lived out there using stuff found throughout the city

Another view of Plan B Town and WasteMangement

A penny made out of pennies!

This sailboat was made out of materials that represent Michigan

There were pianos throughout the city that people could play!

Stella enjoyed it from behind her eyelids!

One of my personal favorites!

Hope you enjoyed the pics.  Check out the ArtPrize website for more on the artists and what started it all!




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