I survived my first day back to work…

It was so funny, I wish there was some way for me to relay the thought process I had when trying to decide what time to wake up in the am to make it to work on time!  I was trying to figure out how much time I needed to shower, make lunch, pump, feed Stella, get dressed….the list goes on and on and on! I’ll leave it at that, but let me reassure you that the thoughts were funny!  I just never realized all the planning that goes in to motherhood! I am not much of a planner so this is quite new to me. What I did learn at the end of the morning was no matter how much planning I did, life happens the way it wants! haha.It went really well.

Well I made it 15 minutes early to work and it went really well! Thankfully only 1 of the 4 heart patients showed up so the morning started out pretty easy! Marcy and Bob came in early to make sure I didn’t hurt myself doing too much.  (So nice!) I figured out a way to pump a few times throughout the day so I’ll be able to maintain the supply for Stella. It was a really wonderful day but by the end, I was ready for my spot on the couch and ready to see Barrett and Stella.  When I got home Stella was taking a nap but!!! when she woke up and saw me she gave me such a big smile her pacifier fell out of her mouth and she let out a little cheer! SO AMAZING! I love her so much.  What an incredible feeling!  🙂

Tomorrow I look forward to soaking up more time with my beautiful little girl and my amazing husband.  Then back to work on Wednesday and again on Friday.  Keep us in your prayers.  Life is so good. God is so good.  I am blessed!


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