First full work week…

Written on 10/26

We are starting to get into a rhythm! This was my first full week back at work and today kicked my butt. I went in early and worked an extra hour. I guess going from 24 to 40 hours wasn’t enough! It has been really great getting back to work. I’ve missed the people and helping the patients. I was worried about getting back into the swing of things like starting IV’s for example. Thankfully it’s like riding a bike! It all came back to me! Barrett and Stella are getting their groove back too! 😉 Some days are better than others but he’s really been enjoying this time with her. They are so cute together! Stella loves to follow Bear with her eyes and she lights up every time he comes by her! It is so fun to watch them interact. We just tried out the carrier and Stella seems to like it. She fell asleep on bears chest while we were cleaning the house on Saturday! So sweet. Libby is readjusting as best she can. She is so good with Stella, always trying to give her kisses right on the mouth! Yuck!

Here are some pics from the past few days. We have had the best visitors!

I love this outfit! Jean dress, tights and boots with the fur!


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