Adventures in the Kitchen

I was talking to Kelly today and was telling her how I was in the mood to bake something. I figured I could bake while Bear took a nap and then he could wake up to a delicious treat! He thought it was a great idea! I am the queen of distractions so when we got home I went into the kitchen to bake and I saw my sewing machine sitting out. It was out from last week when I was going to hem my jeans. Well those just had to be done so instead of baking I started to hem my jeans. I got one leg done and realized that to hem skinny jeans I needed to do a little more planning. I set the jeans aside and fed and changed Stella. Then on the way to the bathroom I saw the pile of laundry I have been meaning to fold so I sat down to do that. In the middle of folding socks Claire called. I talked to her for awhile. Then called Nikki because she beeped in while I was talking to Claire. After that I sat down and looked at Facebook for awhile. Bear looked at me and said “I thought you were making cookies!?” I made it back into the kitchen and here is what happens most of the time. I make a huge promise of kitchen goodness to Bear and then I inevitability mess something up! I started with the flour- 4 cups. Done. Next baking soda and salt. Check and check. In a new bowl I was suppose to melt butter and mix it with sugar and molasses. I almost accidentally put the molasses into the flour so I started laughing. This got Barrett worried so he came running in! When I was explaining to him about the molasses I realized that I had used 3/4 of a cup of flour instead of a 1 cup measuring cup! Haha Barrett left the room and his hope for great cookies!
Ok flour is fixed.  Now on to the sugar! – we are out of white sugar!!! Haha could this be funnier! Google says white and brown are interchangeable on a 1 to 1 basis! Yay for google! Let the cookie making continue!
Turns out we were also out of enough chocolate chips! I ended up crushing a dark chocolate bar that Janelle and I got for thanksgiving! The other part of the directions that I chose to ignore was to wait 36 hours! Who has 36 hours to wait for cookies?! That’s why I’m making them – I WANT THEM NOW!! 🙂 With all the changes Bear was a little nervous about how they would turn out. I on the other hand am always pretty adventurous in the kitchen. I never really worry about a recipe. I know in the end it usually always works out! Here is a pic of the end result! They were yummy!


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  1. Christina Reed Affolder
    Dec 05, 2010 @ 23:52:37

    All I want for Christmas is…. for your Blog to become a daily blog! lol You always make me smile and laugh! I love your stories. Thanks for posting them. Christina


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