Stella graduated!

What an amazing day! I love Saturdays!

Today started out with an amazing breakfast with Danielle, Josh, Katy, Jeff, Nicole, Cheryl, and Stella.  We went to my favorite breakfast place of all time, The Breakfast Club.  There are at least 4 locations.  They are always around where I live which makes me happy! When I lived in South Lyon I could go to the Brighton location or the 10 mile location.  When we lived in Royal Oak we went to the one on 14 and John R.  Now that we are in West Bloomfield we can go to the 10 mile location or the one at 15 and Haggerty! I am totally a Breakfast Club groupie!  What could you not love about a place that has flavored creamers at each table and free chocolate covered strawberries with your bill!  Love love love it!  Seriously, any time anyone wants to go, call me! I’m there!

After breakfast we came home and Stella and I had a blast hanging out.  She has been so alert lately.  She follows me with her eyes no matter what I am doing.  Today I entertained her by washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.  She lost interest when I moved into the bedroom.  It was wishful thinking, but I thought I would try for another room before she started to fuss.  While she napped Barrett surprised me with an amazing birthday gift!  Chris and Dean helped him clear out the garage so I can park my car in there for the winter!  YAY!! So excited about that!

When they were clearing out the garage Barrett came across the exersaucer we bought when Stella was born.  This one has three stages.  The first stage has a blanket and an archway that has a few animals on it so that you can lay your baby under it and they can look up and bat at the animals.  Here is an example!

The next stage is with the seat and the toys all around the baby.  Stella has graduated to this stage! She is not quite stable all the time but she did really well! We put her in it and her eyes got really big as she looked all around.  It was so much fun to watch her soak it all in.  She was so cute!  Here are some pics.  They don’t quite capture the awe we both felt, but its close!

She is growing up so fast! Already 4 months old! AHHH!

I think we might take Stella to get her picture with Santa this week.  Stay tuned!


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  1. jenny
    Dec 12, 2010 @ 13:27:27

    Our favorite is the cheesy surf side/retirement home decor at madison height breakfast club. It is awesome food though.


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