We made it to Hawaii!

We woke up at 3am Christmas Day to get ready to go to the airport. We flew from Detroit to Dallas to meet up with YiaYia, Papou, GG, Jennifer and Joey, then continued on to Hawaii! We got there before them so we looked for their gate and went to welcome them. Well I accidentally got the gate info for the wrong Albuquerque flight so we hurried over to the wrong gate to find it empty. We thought we had just missed them so we decided then to meet them at the gate for our next flight. We get to that gate and Dad calls saying he is still on the plane! So we go back to the gate we came from to meet them! It filled the time well! 😉
Stella was so great! She did really well at the airport and on the plane. On the plane we meet a flight attendant named Molly. She loved Stella so much. By the end of the flight she was “Aunt Molly”! So sweet. She will be on our return flight home too! Awesome!

Here are some pics from the airport and trip so far More to come soon. The weather has not been great so if I come home just as pale I promise we really did go to Hawaii!


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