Hawaii, cont.

A whale came to wish Jillian a Happy Birthday! We were sitting around eating breakfast and Toby and Barrett were on the balcony.  Next thing you know we are all on the balcony! A whale was way out at sea but we could see him blow and then he did a little flip and we saw his whole tail! It was so amazing.  I took a picture from our balcony just to capture the moment.  The whale is there, just underwater! It was a little to the left of that little bottom cloud! haha.

The beginning of our vacation was super rainy so we decided to do an indoor craft.  Martha, Jennifer, Mom, Claire, Grandma, Stella and I all braided Hawaiian leaf bracelets. The bracelets were made from the leaf of a specific Hawaiian tree that I cannot quite think of the name.  This specific leaf is used to make all sorts of crafts such as jewelry, baskets, hats, etc. We had a great time.  We sat in funny little kid chairs too!

During a break in the rain Dad and Jillian buried Thalia in the sand! The pictures show her emerging from her sandy bed!

We also took a walk to the JW Marriott down the street.  They have a ton of little ponds that hold all sorts of unique fish, sting rays, and hammerhead sharks.   I loved the bright colored fish (surprise!) so I took a ton of pictures of them.

Martha tried to get up close and personal to identify some of the fish.  She had an app on her phone that was suppose to identify something if you took a picture of it.  In theory it sounded awesome! I’m not so sure it worked all that well!

When the sun came out Papou helped Stella get use to the water. She wasn’t a big fan at first, but the second time around she wasn’t quite as shocked!

There is so much more to tell you about, but I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy the slideshow!


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