Recipes I’ve loved this week!

I wanted to make something special to bring to work to thank everyone there for all the love and support they gave me during my pregnancy, maternity leave and transition back to work while nursing.  I found a few blogs that talked about cake balls, and adored the ones I saw on Bakerella. I also just googled cake balls and found a bunch of great recipes like this, this and this.

I wish I would have taken a picture of them because let me tell you…they were beautiful!  Everyone at work loved them.  I used red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting (only 1/2 a tub), and both chocolate and white chocolate candy coating.  YUM! I like using the red velvet cake because it always seems like such a treat.  Its rich and luxurious! I’ve already been asked by 3 people to make them again!

I’ve been trying a bunch of new recipes that I’ve never made before and I have been having so much fun with them!

For Christmas Eve I made Barrett chipotle salmon with mushroom risotto and balsamic and olive oil green beans. I got the recipe for the fish from Taste of Home.

I also wanted to try to make Bear some yellow curry.  It didn’t turn out like the kind we get at a restaurant, but for an easy, quick dinner… I think it was pretty good!  Here is the recipe.

Next Sunday we are going to have Curry Sunday at AuntieMoo’s! I’m excited to try out a recipe I got from a friend at work.  I will figure this out.  I want to be able to make curry just like at a restaurant! I’ll keep you posted!


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