A Wonderful Day!

I had the best saturday!  I was on call to work sat am, but thankfully I wasn’t needed.  This amazing turn of events allowed me to get breakfast with my mom at the BEST BREAKFAST PLACE EVER!!! The Breakfast Club!  We shared a California omelet in honor of Nikki and Toby!  It had thick sliced bacon, tomatoes, avocado, and cheddar.  Yum.  Tomatoes Au Gratin. Yum. Rye toast with orange marmalade. Double Yum! Coffee with Irish Creme creamer. Yum.  I don’t think I could imagine a better meal.  Great food, great company. Win win!!  After breakfast we went into a new yarn store.  The ladies in there were so sweet.  They were all loving up on Stella! She ate up every ounce of love.  We bought some awesome yarn to make a scarf. Mom is so awesome.  I got to pick out this beautiful yarn and she is going to knit it into a scarf for me!  She tried to teach me to knit a while ago but I missed something and the minute she left I couldn’t figure it out anymore.  It got so bad that I threw it across the room! haha. I am up for the challenge again though! Here is a pic of the yarn and the beginning of the scarf.

After breakfast and yarn shopping we went clothes shopping for me and mom. We had a blast shopping at Kohls and Loehmans.  That was the first time I’ve been to Loehman’s in years!  What a great store! I found the cutest dress for a wedding we are going to next weekend.  (Pics to come after the wedding!) Mom and I both found amazing new boots from Kohls.  (I’ll be wearing mine with my new dress!!)

After our shopping extravaganza we went to visit GG who is recuperating after her knee replacement surgery.  She is doing so well! She is working hard to get her new knee in tip top shape!

After visiting GG we got sushi from one of our favorite places.  Ninja Sushi. Barrett and I shared a Ninja California roll, Spicy Queen roll, Dynamite roll and Spicy tuna roll.  We also each had miso soup and Ginger salad.  YUMMY!!!! Here are the before and after pictures.  I think we liked it!

We had such a great weekend hanging out! Here are some of the best pics!

Hanging with YiaYia!

um, Stella...there may be a monkey on your head!

"See you later alligator!"



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