I heart savings!

I kinda got carried away by all the savings websites out there and subscribed to most of them! Needless to say, I am bombarded with sales in my inbox daily.  Thankfully I have gotten pretty great at limiting my shopping to window shopping only.  However, I thought I would pass on some of my favorites incase anyone wants to save big on clothes, accessories, kitchen stuff, home decor, etc.  You certainly don’t need to subscribe to all of them but if one catches your eye sign up! Most of the sites encourage sharing with friends by giving you money back if you tell others.  So if you do want to sign up, please click the link saying that you heard of them from me! Thanks and happy shopping!

Zulily: “Daily deals for moms, babies and kids”
Gaggle of Chicks: “Where great moms flock for great deals”
The Mini Social: Deals for mom, baby and child
Totsy: Deals for mom, baby and kids
Billion Dollar Babes: “The Best in Fashion, Home and Beauty”
Beyond the Rack: They have it all, clothes, shoes, house, men, women, children, etc.
Rue LaLa: Clothes for men, women and babies, accessories, home, pets, etc.
GILT: Same as all the above
Swirl by Daily Candy: Same as above!
Modnique: Savings on clothes, accessories, etc.
Ideeli: Same as above as well as deals on travel!
Living Social: Local deals of the day, sometimes week.  Deals on anything, travel, massage, food, etc.
Groupon: Daily coupons, discounts, and deals based on where you live.
Plum District: Daily Deals
One Kings Lane: Deals on home decor
Snappy Tuna: The Best Kitchen Deals


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