Little Stella has a cold!

Stella is turning 7 months old in a few days and to celebrate she got a cold! (I think she passed it on to me too…we will see how this turns out! Wish me luck!) The little stinker is rolling around like crazy.  A few saturdays ago she had just figured it out.  Now she rolls like the best of them all around the house! (her blanket at least.)

Today we go to the doctor to see if she has an ear infection.  The nurse wasn’t concerned with her fever but she was concerned that Stella woke up so fussy so many times throughout the night.  Her fever was only 100.9, she said that the way Stella is acting is suspicious of something else, probably an ear ache.  To be determined… She’s so awesome, she is still all smiles even with snot dripping out of her nose!

Barrett just finished up basketball season.  It was so much fun this year because we know so many of the parents now.  Stella and I always had people to sit by at all the games. The team did really well!  Varsity made it all the way to Regional Semi-finals.  The team that beat them is going to play in the state championship game soon.  JV had a great season of 18-2.  YAY!

Stella supported Michigan State and PITT last weekend for March Madness…I’m not sure she’s the best good luck charm seeing as both teams lost…:(  She looks super cute anyways!

 You may think she looks angry, but that is her very very very very excited face.  People think she gets mad but she is just trying to figure out the excited smile! Too much emotion!

She is also getting really great at sitting up.  She loves her bumbo.  We went to celebrate Madilynn’s bday and Donna had a high chair all set up for us.  She did so well! 

She even ate some kiwi and strawberries from the fruit salad.  Bear chopped them up with his spoon.  He’s very talented. 😉  We got to talking and decided we really need to purchase one of those food masher things to go.  Luckily one of our good friend works at an organic baby store in Rochester and she is saving one for us! YAY! 🙂

Stella takes after Barrett and I in so many ways.  I most recent event that happened to confirm this is that Stella loves cookies! We gave her a shortbread cookie that grandma brought and she loved it!

Life is good. God is good!  🙂


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