Another day in the life of…

We had a great night last night hanging out with Joe! I decided I would cook something special for dinner for him and Barrett.  I laid out all of my recipes and decided on lasagna.  (I don’t know if you know this about me but I have an obsession with printing off recipes.  I usually come home with 4-5 different recipes every day.  They all get thrown into a cardboard box we keep under the kitchen table.  I used to keep them in a binder but I cannot seem to find the 3 whole punch, so now they are all just kept in that box!  I sat on the floor in the living room and spread out all the recipes to see what sounded good!) I went to pull some ground beef out of the freezer and quickly realized we were all out of ground beef.  Boo.  Any normal person would just run to the store, but I was in a totally lazy mood last night so I decided to just change the recipe to chicken, cheese and spinach manicotti because we had all the ingredients for that recipe.  I got out the chicken to thaw, then I pulled out the spinach which also needed to be cooked.  As the chicken thawed I put a pan with water on the stove.  Stella started to fuss so I played with her for a few, then came back into the kitchen to feed Liberty.  Next I looked around for the granola recipe I was thinking of making and started mixing ingredients together for that.  I spend a few minutes putting away odds and ends, threw some dishes in the dishwasher and decided to also make a yellow cake for dessert.  I turned on the oven and realized I had never actually turned on the stove to boil the water! 😉  I also realized that I didn’t have manicotti noodles so I would have to use rolled up lasagna noodles instead.  The cake went in the oven, the lasagna noodles were cooked, the chicken went on the stove to cook, all was well in the kitchen again.  I went back to work on the granola and got side tracked when Barrett and Joe came into the kitchen to hang out.  With about 45 minutes left until dinner was ready they were getting restless.  Bear joked about just going out.  I joked back until I started to read further down the recipe and found out I needed spaghetti sauce!  I checked our pantry and fridge and found out that it was true, we were totally out of pasta sauce.  (I really need to get in the habit of reading all the way through a recipe at least once before I start to make it!) I packed up the beginnings of granola dough, as well as the chicken spinach mixture and put them in the fridge.  We got the family ready and went out for dinner! 🙂 

When we returned home from dinner and a trip to the grocery store I was able to finish the manicotti and the granola bars. 

The flavor is great for the granola bars but the texture is a little dry.  I am waiting for Claire to send me her recipe for granola bars to compare which one I like better! 

Overall, it was a successful night of Steph style baking and cooking!The manicotti, granola bars and cake all turned out great! To me, that looks like a success to me! 😉


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