Signs of Life!

Nat’s book, Signs of Life, is out!! YAY!! 

We went to the book signing Wednesday night to support her and amazing accomplishment!

 (I realized as I was uploading the pics on my computer that I didn’t get any pictures of myself last night! haha oh well.)

 (When I took this picture I thought the angle looked cool…I forgot about the reflection!)

 There were so many people at the book signing we had to stand in the way back (Way to go Nat!)  When we walked in the people at Borders were apologizing to everyone because they ran out of books to purchase.  When asked why they ran out they said “We didn’t anticipate this kind of crowd!”

 She read 3 excerpts from the book and then had a question and answer session before signing books.  She did such a great job interacting with the crowd! I was so impressed by her poise and ease at which she handled everything.  It was like she had done this many times before.  She is such a funny, amazing women.  I am proud to know her.

 (They love bookstores!)

Please support Natalie and her son, Kai and purchase a copy of her book!  You can find it all over the place.  Here are a few links. Borders, Barnes and NobleAmazon.


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