Stella can clap!

It’s taken me a few weeks to actually upload the video, but little Stella learned to clap in March!

Isn’t it the cutest thing ever! The other day I walked into the room and she clapped when she saw me! Best day ever!  She claps laying down, sitting up, even while on her side.  She also claps when she’s mad which is hilarious.  We had put her in her swing and she was not very happy about it so she started to fuss.  While fussing she starting clapping too! haha.  We were like “no Stella, you aren’t using it right!”

It has been so fun watching her learn.  She likes to try to clap all sorts of objects together too.  Her blocks get the most attention because they sound very loud when clapped together!  🙂

She is also getting her first tooth!  It’s this cute little bud right now.  She guards it with her tongue so it has been hard to sneak a peek at it.  Once it becomes more pronounced I’ll try to document it with a photo! 😉


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