Nate and Sara came to visit!

We had the best weekend hanging out with our friends Nate and Sara! They came all the way from TN to spend Easter with us and meet Stella.  Sara makes these adorable applique onsies and tshirts.  She brought Stella the cutest little yellow tshirt with the letter “S” on the front!  As soon as Stella saw it she reached for it and it went immediately into her mouth.  (Her sign of approval!)

Stella recently got her first tooth so she has been in a great mood ever since it popped up! She has this really funny grin now that she has a tooth.  It’s almost as if she is trying to show it off! She looks slightly angry and slightly crazy but it is her truest smile!

We took Sara and Nate to IKEA.  That place is always an adventure!  We saw a woman there walking around in a sports bra and yoga pants.  It was so awkward! I don’t know if she realized she wasn’t wearing a shirt or what, but she seemed totally cool with it.  The rest of us on the other hand kept looking at her and then at each other like, “Something isn’t right here!” Anyways, Sara and Nate ended up buying an adorable table and chair set for their front porch.  Stella approved of that as well, although she couldn’t get it into her mouth! 😉

We even took Stella to her first MLB game!

Stella had not taken as many naps as normal because there were people visiting (She is just like me, can’t miss a thing.) So when we were at the game she was not quite happy with sitting down quietly.  I decided to go stand up in the shade and hold her.  While we were watching from the top a man approached us and told me that they offer a free gift for first time game attendees!  He didn’t have to say another word, I love free gifts!  Stella and I took a little walk to find the guest services office.  While on our way there we were stopped by another guy who offered to take our picture!  You can see it here. (IMG_0012_01 and IMG_0013_01)
After we took the picture I realized that I probably should have grabbed my phone so Barrett knew where we were. But by that time I was exactly half way around the ball park! It would have taken me just as long to go back for my phone as it would to complete our adventure, so on we went! We arrived at guest services and found our free gift! They gave her a certificate and poster! The certificate said something like “Comerica Park and the Tigers would like to welcome Stella Wimer to her very first game! It had the date and everything! So cute. We saved the ticket stub too so we can make some cool shadow box or something with it. All that walking made Stella pretty hungry so we went to find a place where I could feed her in private. Turns out you can nurse at Comerica! The people at the frist aid place offered me a bed and pulled a curtain around it for privacy. So great! We left there, walked back around and met up with Barrett who had decided to go looking for us! He is so cute. He was worried about his girls! 🙂 He said I should not go off by myself looking so good! (We were all dressed up because we went to the game right from Easter Service at church!) All in all, it was a great day! The sun was out, the Tigers won and we had a blast!  Nate even bought Stella a hat!

She looks like a grumpy old man

We went home to take a nap before Easter Dinner.  On the way home I realized I never bought the ham for our Easter Feast! Haha go figure! The only recipe I had bought stuff for was Tandori Chicken Burgers! I said “oops, I forgot to buy ham! Who wants Indian Easter dinner?! Thankfully everyone agreed to it! The burgers turned out really good and we enjoyed Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie for dessert! YUM!

Bear and Stella grilling the burgers!

We found out the other night that our great friends Michael and Janelle got engaged! Woohoo! 

In honor of their engagement, here is the best dessert recipe ever!! (Given to me by Michael!)

Michael’s Choclate Peanut Butter Pie Recipe


8 or 9 inch pie shell
1 Package Jello Instant Chocolate Pudding
1/3 cup creamy peanut butter
3/4 cup powdered sugar
cool whip

Bake pie shell and let cool.
Make pudding according to the “make pie filling” directions on the box.
Mix the peanut butter with the powdered sugar until it turns into little crumbles/balls.  I recommend making extra!!
After the pie shell has cooled, line the bottom with the peanut butter balls. Be generous!
Then fill the pie shell with the pudding.
Top the pudding with a nice layer of cool whip.  I recommend putting a big blob of cool whip in the center of the pie and spreading outward.  It seems to help keep the pudding from spreading all throughout the cool whip. Then top the cool whip with the rest of the peanut butter balls.
Place in fridge so the pudding sets.



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