Stella got stuck!

Stella is 2 seconds away from crawling.  Let me rephrase that, Stella is 2 seconds from learning how to crawl forward! She has mastered scooting sideways and backward.  She has also perfected the mode of transportation known as rolling.  She is so quick at rolling, its astonishing!  I’m just not convinced that she thinks she needs to crawl forward.  She is so efficient at rolling and scooting backwards, that she’s probably thinking “who really needs to go forward”?

Ok so she got this far and then realized she couldn’t go back any farther…So she rolled from side to side to side to side…

Then she cried because she couldn’t figure out how to get out!  Maybe she will see the need to move forward after all!  She put her little head down on the ground and whimpered! I felt so bad for her I just had to rescue her!

Side note!

Stella, Barrett, Michelle and I ran/walked a 5k to support a kid at Michelle’s school this weekend.  Here is more information on the family that it helped support!


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