Happy Anniversary!

Barrett and I have been married for 2 years!!  YAY!  Seriously what an amazing 2years!

I love this picture of us and Fr. Jerry

While the girls and I were getting our makeup done before our wedding, Lexi came around with a video camera to record a special message for Barrett.  I was looking at my phone and I still have the little funny poem I wrote to Barrett! (Keep in mind I wrote this in 5 minutes while walking around Macy’s.  And as a side story, it turns out Barrett was at the mall getting cuff links at the same Macy’s at the same time.  Hannah saw him and redirected him away from the rest of us!)

“Barrett my love my one desire
You light my heart and soul on fire!
I cannot wait to walk toward you
with my beautiful bright teal shoes
To be your wife
And start our new life.
You make me smile, you make me laugh
I’m so glad you will soon be my better half.”

Yup, I’m that good.

So much fun!  I wouldn’t trade this life for anyone else’s! I am so lucky!

Another beautiful couple is celebrating their wedding anniversary on 5/10/11! Nikki and Toby! Woohoo!!

They are so beautiful!

I wrote a much better poem for their wedding! I was the maid of honor so I had to give a speech.  Happy Anniversary Nikki and Toby! I love you so much and miss you like crazy! Move back home! 😉

“Albion College is where it began,
true love between a woman and a man
An innocent freshman learning the ropes
Toby, the senior, had high hopes
Using his obvious charm and dashing good looks
He won her over while she studied her books
Foam parties and hot tubs in the avalanche
who knew…did this love have a chance?
I first met Toby at an Albion soccer game
He had a beard adn a carhart jacket I thought looked lame
Toby looks old I told Nikki with fright!
But she assured me it was love at first sight.
Next Toby moved to LA to work at Bed Bath and Beyond
But not even 1,981 miles could break their bond.
Soon after that Toby came back
to get this love thing they had going back on track
Then Nikki went to Wayne State to earn her PharmD
Toby had a hard time deciding what he wanted to be
Through all their trials they found strength in each other
that’s why I’m glad to call him my brother.
He looks out for Nikki, always with pride
There is no better woman to be his bride
As they continue on this journey called life
They will do so holding hands as husband and wife”

(I couldn’t find the official copy so that might be a slight variation of the real one.)

Happy Anniversary you guys!! I love you so much.


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