California Dreaming!

We jut got back from an amazing trip to southern California to visit Nikki and Toby! We were totally “that family” on our flights to and from Cali.  Poor Stella got three teeth while we were on vacation so needless to say she wasn’t her usual happy cheerful self.   Bear and I both knew we would eat our words when we flew to Hawaii without any problems.  Thanks to some very patient travelers who sat next to us we weren’t kicked off the plane. 😉

Her eczema flared up while she was teething. Poor thing!

We spent a whole week getting to hang with Toby and Nikki.  We did a ton of relaxing and eating!  😉  Nikki had to work the weekend we got there but after that she hung out with us every day!

Toby had to work the day after Memorial Day so Bear took care of Stella and let me and Nikki have a girls day! It was so much fun!  We got pedicures, hair cuts (well I did) and had the best gyro sandwich for lunch.  We even got free baklava from the lady at the lunch place!! It was delicious!  I should have taken a pic because they are so cute but we got the “Rockstar Treatment” at the pedicure place.  (Buff and Glo Natural Nail and Tanning Lounge, Oceanside CA)  They gave us sparkly toes, champagne and leg massages! AMAZING!  I told Toby that I thought my nails looked like a fishing boat! 🙂

I love them!

Nikki and Toby have the cutest backyard.  We spent a lot of the evenings by the firepit.  Here are some great shots of our evenings!

Stella loved Nikki's hood!

We also spent a lot of time with their amazing friends.  They were such a blessing! They brought over all sorts of goodies for Stella so we didn’t have to worry about lugging it all from home like an exersaucer, pack in play and a bunch of toys.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of all the babies together but I did get a great one of Stella and Avery!

I love that they are holding hands!

For Barrett’s Birthday we went to a really fun restaurant called The Strip Club.  You cook your own meat on a grill located throughout the restaurant!  The boys made me and Nikki cook our own steak. 😉 We did a great job and had a blast! We just hung around the grill, sipping our cocktails, chatting with the people around us! So much fun.  Nikki and Toby’s friend watched Stella for us so the 4 of us could go out on a double date! Thanks Shera!

Happy Birthday Barrett
Aren’t we cute all wearing purple?!

Another great part of the vacation was when Kelly and Maggie came into town.  Nikki, Kel and Maggie all ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half MarathonKelly and Maggie did the training through Team in Training.  Click the links to go to their individual fundraising pages!  I somehow made it through the vacation without pics of us together…SO SAD! I must have been so happy to see their beautiful faces that I just forgot to pick up the camera! AHHH…oh well! Love you ladies. 

Thanks for an amazing vacation!! We love you guys so much! Can we come back now?


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