Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

Chocolate chip cookie dough? Yes.

Brownies? Yes, please!

Fudge frosting? Yes, yes, yes!

Add them all together and I about died and went to heaven!

Enter our desert for tonight: Chocolate chip cookie dough brownies!

I found the recipe from a pin on my current addiction, Pinterest.  You can find the recipe and blog here.  The original blog uses white chocolate chips in the brownie but I omitted them.

The homemade brownie mix turned out so good and was actually so simple to make.  While the brownies cooked I made the cookie dough.

What's wrong with this dough???

You might have guessed it! I forgot the butter. It was suppose to be softened but I didn’t remember to put it out on the counter in time.   So I threw it in the microwave to soften and totally forgot about it! As I mixed the cookie dough sans butter I said to Barrett “It looks like something is missing!?” Barrett’s reply: “Something probably is!” haha. He’s been through this before!

That looks better!

The final product!

Now, lets sample my handiwork!


Here is my review of the dessert. It is rich and delicious.  However, at the end of the day this is almost too much of a good thing.  I would rather have either chocolate chip cookie dough icecream, a brownie or some fudge.  The brownie was perfect.  The cookie dough was heavy and would have been better in icecream.  The fudge pushed this very sweet dessert over the edge.  Overall, not sure if I will make this again but I will thoroughly enjoy every bit til it’s gone! 🙂


So Bear and I both had some more brownies today, a full 24 hours after making the brownies, and they were AMAZING!!! Oh my gosh, completely different dessert.  I had two servings today! It all melded together into such a delicious treat.  Bear made a new rule that when I make this again we have to wait a full day before we are allowed to enjoy it! (Did you catch that, I decided I will for sure be making this again!)  IT IS AMAZING!! SO GOOD!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Casey
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 02:12:56

    oh my gosh, this looks amazing!!! cookie dough + brownies! heck yea, sign me up! can’t wait to try 😀


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