Stella sleeps…

Stella fell asleep in my arms tonight! I was looking down at her, grinning a silly cheesy grin, thinking how blessed I was and I realized I couldn’t remember the last time she feel asleep in my arms.  It is probably one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.  My beautiful baby, asleep in my arms.  How could so much time go without me realizing that it doesn’t happen anymore!! We are totally blessed because she falls asleep pretty easily on her own, we have never really had to rock her to sleep (thank goodness!) so it was such a treat to get that time together again.  🙂 She is so cute!

I think its funny too because tonight I was working on a photobook from Picaboo about Stella’s first year.  I was looking at old pictures…she looks soooo tiny! Barrett and I have noticed how big she is getting so its funny that the night I am looking through old pictures and thinking back about when she was born she goes and falls asleep in my arms.  AMAZING!

Because there is nothing cuter on this earth, I will leave you with this…..


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