Fun in the sun(and shade!)

Our little one is 1 year old today!!! WOOHOO!! I will have a bday post after her birthday party so I can share all the pics.  🙂

We didn't bring her any long pants because it's suppose to be summer!

We spent an amazing weekend up at the cottage for Cousin’s Weekend!  Too bad only 4 of the cousins could make it.  😉 We had a blast even with the low turnout and cold weather!  Mother nature tried to spoil the fun by sending storm clouds, but we were still able to get some time out on the water and enjoyed every moment!

Stella entertained everyone by showing off how great she is at walking!

She loved hiding under the counter!

I was annoyed at my bathing suit and we thought Stella might want some pants so Barrett and I got to go on a date to Walmart! Woohoo!  I didn’t have any luck with the bathing suits.  They were all too big except the girls XL which was a white suit with neon surfers…it was just a little too obvious that it was a child’s XL! Bear and I both vetoed it.  We did find Stella the cutest pair of jeans and jeggings! Score!  She looked adorable.

While we were gone Stella got two fresh pieces of ink!  Stacy thought she needed a little tear drop tatooed by her eye so that’s just what she got!  She also got a mom heart!  She looked great!

When we got back we walked into the cottage and noticed that everyone else had gone out on the pontoon boat.  As I was about to eat a snack, the phone rang.  Nick called to let us know they were stuck in the middle of the lake with a dead engine and that it had started to rain and he wondered if we could come save them!  So we grabbed some rope and raced to the rescue!

After a successful rescue mission we all hung out indoors until the storm passed.  While inside we came up with a new reality TV show – Puzzle Masters! It’s gonna be a hit for sure, that’s why I can’t really go into details! Trust me…haha!  We did puzzles, played games and hung out by the fire. 

Stella rocked her cottage footwear!Stella loves fruit!

Overall, it was a great weekend! We had the best time.


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