We heart ABQ!

hello, is anyone still out there?

I am sorry for my long absence here in blog world! We got this new house and life hasn’t slowed down long enough me for to write!  I am happy for all the great blessings that have come our way, but i am in need of some time management classes! 😉

I can’t remember where I left off so let’s start with our amazing trip to New Mexico to visit YiaYia, Papou and GG!

We convinced Kelly to drive down for the weekend so we could all hang.  It was so great to see her!

Stella took her first steps!

After that night Stella got some more practice with Papou while we were in Santa Fe.

One of my parents favorite restaurants is Turtle Creek Brewery, so we had to check it out.  The food and drinks were amazing!

Stella had to much bottle! 🙂

We went to a fantastic breakfast place too but i forget the name! Oops!  Mom will know…
Stella was obsessed with the lemon wedge! She didn’t even cringe!

YiaYia and i made Stella a little birthday cake! She was so polite and neat with it! She would tap the frosting and barely touch it with her finger.  She did this little tap thing with both hands barely touching the frosting.  It was so cute!

Thanks for a great trip YiaYia, Papou and GG!


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