Our Cape Cod Weekend

Congrats to Tom and Lauren on their wedding day!

Bear and I debated when to leave for our 12 our trip. We decided to drive overnight Wednesday so Stella could sleep most of the drive. This would be especially helpful seeing as Stella hates her car seat. Ever since she realized she could be mobile on her own she hates anything to hold her back. Especially a 5 point harness!
Tuesday night we realized that my passport was not current and Stella would need one to enter through Canada. 😦 At first glance we thought that by going around Lake Erie it would add another couple hours on to the trip. Lucky for us when we put the address in our GPS it only added a little under an hour! Yay!! Bear is the most amazing husband so he drove first so I could get some sleep. We took off at 10pm, Stella and I were both asleep by 10:15! Bear rocked the drive until about 530am. He made it to just before 6am when we switched. We changed and fed Stella who fell right back asleep and I drove until 930 before Bear took over again. It was the perfect solution! I got spoiled by my amazing husband so I got some sleep. Stella slept well too.

Yesterday we went to the beach before the rehearsal. Stella wasn’t to sure about the water but when it went away she chased after it. When the wave came back she would lean way back to stay out of it. It was so cute!









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