Our Cape Cod Weekend cont…

More about our amazing weekend away at the Cape!

We ate really well this weekend.  The rehearsal dinner was my absolute favorite!  There was a delicious salad, chicken with tomatoes and a light sauce, beef with gravy, a potato and veggie mix and probably some other stuff that I am forgetting about because of my blind love of the seafood medley and the clam chowder.  Yes, seafood medley and clam chowder.  I am in love! I was excited to see Cape Cod because I have never been before, but I totally forgot that we would be by the ocean and have AMAZING seafood!! It totally took me by surprise…haha i know weird, but it did! YUM, YUM, YUM! So delicious.  I’m still thinking about it almost a week later.  It was that good! Oh and did I mention chocolate cake for dessert…..I was in food heaven!

Unfortunately this is the only family shot we got! :/

Not to diminish the wedding dinner, it was delicious as well.  I had the swordfish, Bear had the steak and Stella had chicken tenders!  I think she liked my swordfish just as much as the chicken!  OH and the best part of dinner….more of the clam chowder! 🙂 My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Too bad you can’t get good Cape Cod chowder in Michigan.  Bear always makes fun of me for that.  Trying to get what I want in a place that it won’t be the best at…”Don’t get sushi at Kroger”

The next morning, Lauren’s amazing parents hosted a continental breakfast for us all!  They had smoked salmon, bagels and cream cheese, coffee and tea, muffins, croissants with several different jams (blackberry, fig and strawberry), yogurt and tons of fruit.  We had a great time.  They have this amazing house and yard.  Total Cape Cod all in one package.  There was a slight hill in the backyard where we all happened to be standing and poor Stella just couldn’t deal.  By that point in the weekend she was beyond tired.  She was so tired she could barely stand, and then to top it off, we set her on a hill.  It was all just too much.  Poor thing kept tipping over!

She's leaning against Chris for support!

After our amazing breakfast we decided to hit the road towards home.  About 2 hours in we decided to see Hannah at school and to stop at the house Bear grew up in.  After a great dinner in State College, with The Creamery for dessert, we drove to Bear’s parent’s house in Hollidaysburg.

Happy Happy Joy Joy - tastes like an almond joy...amazing!

It was sad to say goodbye to Bear’s childhood home, but it was good to go around town one last time stopping by some of his favorite places.  We stopped at The Meadows and got a black cow (root beer float), then we met up with a great friend Latini for some pizza at the local pizza place Best Way. We tried to find Chimney Rocks but it was getting dark and Stella wanted her bottle so we scrapped that last minute and headed for home.

Cracker Barrel for breakfast is so delicious!

We had a great weekend full of great food, friends and quality family time.  Congrats to Tom and Lauren and thanks for a great vacation!


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