Stella is One! (A few months ago…)

*** I wrote this post a few months ago and forgot to publish it! I cannot believe how much younger Stella looks in these photos! Please forgive the delay!***

I wanted to get some cute pics of Stella with a giant 1 for her first bday so thankfully we have an overflow of cardboard around the house.  I grabbed a huge box from one of the cabinets and cute out a ginormous #1 but then ran out of tissue paper to cover it so we cut it down a bit.  Thank goodness we did because this thing towered over Stella.  She looked like wonder woman when she picked it up and lifted it over her head! 😉

We had the best time celebrating Stella’s first bday.  Papou came up from New Mexico to share in the festivities! It was so wonderful to have him around.  He got some quality one on one time with Stella while I went to work and Bear worked on our kitchen floors!

Stella helped too!

Here are some great pics of all the friends and family that came to celebrate and love on Stella! Thank you everyone for all the love, support and gifts you showered on Stella for her bday! We are truely blessed!

Stella loves all her goodies she got from her bday.  Papou was a big help in assembling a lot of them!

Stella started stacking the wheels to her new shopping cart while Papou put it together!

The funny thing about her little shopping cart is the floor it goes around on.  We have a very old house that may or may not be level in all places.  If Stella pushes her new cart into the dining room and then lets go of the handle she has to chase it because it will roll away from her! (It’s hilarious! Ah, the joys of owning an old home!)

I know this probably breaks a lot of photography rules for the lighting, but I just adore this pic! Look at her cute little toes, the way she is making the little people in her bus talk to each other, sitting there so happy! I love it!  The light just adds to it.  Stella is our little light, she brightens up all of my moments.  I am so happy and blessed to be her momma.  (I can’t wait til she can say momma!) I am so proud of our little girl.  She is growing up so fast….

While we were all celebrating Stella’s bday, my beautiful sister was waiting for another special birthday to celebrate.  Her daughter was born later that evening.  While we were talking to them on the phone and cheering, Stella started waving her arms around cheering with us!

She's cheering on her new baby cousin!

Say hello to Baby Zoe!

I love them!


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