Visit to Denver

Just before Kelly’s bday Nikki and I flew out to Denver to visit her. It was so much fun to have a girls weekend. Up to this weekend I have never spent a night away from Stella! I was more worried about me having separation anxiety then her! It was good for me to do it ya know? I think it’s super important to have some girl time and who better to spend it with then Kel and Nikki!! We have been saying since high school that we would all go to get massages together instead of buying each other Christmas gifts. Well 12 years later we finally planned it! I found a Russian massage place on that gave you something like a 90 min session that usually costs $110 for only $40! Kel and I thought we were getting facials, Nikki thought we were getting massages so the night before we went online to see what we had really bought. There was talk of sauna sessions, honey masks, a “polar plunge” and a massage. We looked at each other and laughed! We were way off! Nikki and I didn’t pack suits so the morning of the spa day we went to Target to buy bathing suits. We also got some breakfast at Starbucks. It was delicious! Pumpkin spice latte with pumpkin bread! Yum!! We made it to the spa just as the hail started to rain down on us! We were so thankful to head into the warm dry spa! When we got there the receptionist offered us some tea. I thought she’d bring a typical little tea cup full. Oh no, she brought us beer glasses full of the most delicious hot tea! It was wonderful! Once we were all checked in we went to change into our suits and start our spa day!! Even though we read what we could expect on the website we were still kinda clueless about what each thing entailed. We walked out into this beautiful room of slate tile with a small deep pool with blue glass tile. The lady handed us these silly straw hats to wear throughout our experience. First up was the sauna. We all laid end to end in the sauna and this guy Tim manned the sauna steam. Next thing you know Tim takes some oak branch thing and shakes it over Kelly and starts hitting her with it! Nikki and I saw it coming but burst out laughing anyway! Kelly had no clue and jumped so high then she burst out laughing. We were all giggly to begin with because of the unknown, but this set us over the edge! After we got beat we were sent to the pool to dunk in the cold water. We went back into the sauna for 3 mins. About 2 mins in Kel confides that saunas make her claustrophobic and that she might panic if Tim doesn’t come back soon! Haha. Tim comes in not long after and starts rubbing Kelly with honey! Haha again with the giggles! After our honey masks and another beating with the oak branches we were told to rinse off in the shower. We then got another round in the sauna with another honey mask and another branch beating! Oh and lots more laughter! One more shower and we were ready for our massage! (I totally forgot to mention that we kept our hats on for all of this! After each shower or pool we obediently put our hats back on! Haha this cracked me up so much! They were so silly!) Nikki and I were in one room and Kel was in another. We got a 60 minute full body massage. It was AMAZING!!! I had a very tall Russian lady whose forearm spanned the length from my butt all the way to my shoulders! She gave the best massage I’ve ever had!! Nikki had a cute little Asian lady. After our massages Nikki and I goofed off in our room taking pictures and drinking our tea. About 30 mins later Kel comes in with a robe! We were like hey, did you get extra treatments!? Haha. Nope, her lady was just a half hour late due to an accident. Once we were done with our spa day we went to eat! Yummy! We had Thai food. I love to eat Thai food! Since it was still raining and freezing outside we decided to go shopping and see a movie after lunch. 🙂 I haven’t seen a movie in sooo long! What a blast! We all shared the popcorn too which I love to do! To cap off our great day we got pizza and wine and watched the Tigers and Red Wings at Kels place. Our good friend Becky dropped by and made the night complete! The rest of the weekend went just as great. We ate at this adorable breakfast place that made homemade waffles. They had great coffee, great food, great atmosphere. We loved it so much we went back the next morning! We had the best time just hanging out, eating great food, shopping and just soaking up the girl time. What a great weekend! I was so spoiled by my amazing husband who watched Stella all weekend so I could go and by my amazing friends Nikki and Kelly! I wish those girls lived by me!! Until then, I will treasure these girl weekends with all of my heart and soul. Thank you ladies for the most amazing weekend. You fill me up with happiness! 🙂











3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jenny Hannant
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 12:43:10

    yikes! beat by branches and dipped in honey. Sounds like an interesting day.


  2. kelly
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 00:16:34

    I just read this and was laughing hysterically!! hahaha Such a great weekend! Love you ladies!! 🙂


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