Candy Extravaganza!

Our church hosted A Candy Extravaganza for the kids to celebrate Halloween.  Stella dressed up as a chicken and Barrett and I dressed up as farmers! She was so stinking cute I couldn’t stop following her around taking pictures.  Happy Halloween Everyone!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!!! 🙂

They had a bunch of bounce houses. Stella wasn't too sure about them!

Our little chicken!


We won!


Another one, because she is just too cute!


She just carried the rings around instead of tossing them at the castle!


A little balloon monkey!

I’m the worst mother for the next picture! They had an inflatable obstacle course that two people could go in and race.  I thought it would be fun for Stella and I to go through it.  She is usually such a dare devil! Well, she HATED it! The minute she got in there she was bawling! She was so unhappy.  I felt awful, we were already in there so the only way out was to go through it.  She cried the whole time! 😦

She HATED it!


My Favorite pic!! She was finding the pairs!


Our little farm family!

Too much extravaganza!


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