We have a working kitchen!

I have to get all the before and after pictures together but here is a little sample of our new kitchen!!

The day we were able to cook dinner Barrett surprised me with flowers and my favorite wine!! (I have the best husband in the world!)

We had to clean up the drywall dust and wipe down all the counters and cabinets before we could actually cook, so Stella, Barrett and I were all hanging out in the kitchen.  I had the vacuum and was in charge of going along the counter to get all the dust off of them, while Barrett was putting stuff away and clearing room off the counter.  Stella was in charge of the entertainment, she was running around being goofy and making us laugh.  I was vacuuming off the part of the counter by the sink and beautiful vase of flowers when Stella did something to distract me.  I swung around to see what she was up to and instead of the normal vroom noise the vacuum makes all of a sudden I heard this “ThMack” and the noise of the motor changed. :0  I quickly turned around to see that I had accidentally sucked up the beautiful flowers Barrett got for me!  HAHA I laughed so hard.

Me: “Oh my gosh, I just sucked up the flowers! I am so sorry” (half giggle, half serious!)

Barrett: “I would be mad but it’s totally something you would do so that just makes it funnier!  I should have done that before you got home and they would have been perfect for you!”

Haha I love it.  So I had to take a picture of my beautiful flowers (even the one on the right that hangs down lower than the others!) to show you how great they are!

More pics to come of the house!  Hope everyone is having a great week! Thanksgiving is almost here and I could not be happier! I LOVE Thanksgiving and now we can actually cook Thanksgiving dinner! 🙂


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