More Kitchen Adventures…

Happy Birthday to Nikki! (and me!)

I decided to pull a kindergarden move and bring my own cake to work on my bday! BUT to my suprise, when I got there my amazing coworker and friend Lisa had already brought me in a beautiful chocolate cake!  (She is the best!) 

The night before my birthday my dad and grandma had flown in from New Mexico.  Once we all got home and settled I decided to make the cake (This is before I knew I had an amazing chocolate cake coming my way).  Dad came into the kitchen to hang out with me and I got to baking.  The cakes went into the oven in no time.  While they were baking, I moved on to the frosting. 

Since I was using cake mix from the store I decided it should have some homemade part to it.  I googled several german chocolate frosting recipes and decided on this one.

I put all the ingredients in a saucepan on the stove while stirring constantly.  When it seemed like all the ingredients had been in there for awhile I had Dad continue stirring while I measured out the coconut.  I throw in the coconut,  he stirs it for a few and says “Steph, what are these chunks?”

Hmm…I tasted it and it was scrambled eggs! We had the heat too high!!  Being a person who likes syrup on their eggs, I thought it was delicious! 😉 I kept tasting it and while I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it, the nonwaster in me was thinking “What’s not to like…eggs = yum, sugar = yum, milk = yum.  We have a win win people!”

The people pleaser part in me won out and I knew there was no way I could serve egg frosting to people!  (We did spend about 20 minutes stirring/picking out pieces of egg before deciding to just toss it!)

Dad and Barrett saved the day by running out to the store to get store bought frosting. 

The final product turned out to be amazing.  I LOVE german chocolate cake.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress of me learning how to make the frosting!

The next day (my bday!) I brought in my cake and then discovered the chocolate cake from my coworker!  I ended up leaving work early to hang out with Dad and totally forgot to grab either cake to go with dinner.  So once I got home I decided I would just make brownies too.  (In case you haven’t caught on…I’m obsessed with chocolate!)

After dinner I threw together the brownie mix.  I followed the directions and preheated the oven first.  I am pretty impatient when it comes to ovens heating up so when the oven said it was only at 125 degrees, i just put the pan of brownies in anyways.  While the brownies were baking I skyped with Nikki so we could hang out on our bday!  A little while later I remembered that I never actually heard the timer go off.  We have a door leading from the dining room into the kitchen that Stella demands to be shut.  Everytime she walks by that door she has to shut it.  It keeps her out of the kitchen but it also keeps me from hearing the timer when it goes off.  I interupt our conversation to go get the brownies out of the oven and when I open the door they look just like when I put them in. 😦  Then I notice that the oven is not hot at all.  😦  I then realize that I had this same thought when I put them in the oven but I just ignored that and thought it was because the oven was only at 125 degrees. 

FYI, the middle knob controls the LOWER oven!

So I found the downside of having a double oven…You have to make sure you preheated the same oven you put the food into! 🙂

I threw the pan into the properly heated oven and 20 minutes later had the most delicious pan of warm brownies!!  Life is good!


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