Stella’s Dermatologist Visit!

After 5 weeks of a crazy eczema flare up we finally made an appointment to see the dermatologist.  Stella usually doesn’t get too bothered by her eczema.  She itches from time to time, more when she is tired or fussy but usually she doesn’t make it a big deal.  Which is why I have never really taken her to the dermatologist before.  Her primary care doctor has been monitoring it and says that you just have to wait it out and most likely she will out grow it.  Anyways, we went to the doctor today to see what they had to offer.

They said that while you can never cure eczema, you can do your best to keep the flares at bay by consistently using thick lotions or ointments, keeping the bathing to a minimum, stay away from fragrances and any other fancy stuff…just use dove or cetaphil for bathing, etc.  Most of this we already knew from seeing her primary care doctor.

They gave us 3 prescriptions to try: an antihistamine, an antibiotic and a topical steroid to use for the next few weeks to hopefully calm things down.  As we were getting ready to wrap things up the doctor said “There is one more thing we might try.  I’d be totally ok with this, but it’s up to you”.  (My interest was peaked!) He said there is a treatment plan that they would do at Motts Children’s Hospital.  Stella would be admitted to the hospital, they would do 4-5 days of treatment all as an inpatient.  They lather her up with the steroid and then put her in a sauna suit so it gets readily absorbed.  I wasn’t sure what to say so I looked over at Stella and said “Wow Stella, what do you think?  Sounds like a spa day to me!” I told the doctor I would talk to my husband and that we would call back if we were interested.  What are your thoughts…Has anyone used or heard of “Modified Goeckerman Therapy”? For now we are just going to try the prescriptions and see how it goes.

The doctors were really sweet.  While we were talking to the resident I pulled out the gallon size ziploc that contained all the lotions we are currently using.  Stella likes to arrange things so she immediately got to work setting them out.  I was specifically asking the doctor about one so I picked it up and handed it to her.  Stella looked up and even though both hands had something in them (surprise, surprise!) she reached up and pushed the doctors thumb off the bottle.  :/  I looked at the doctor and said “Sorry, we are still working on her sharing skills”! Thankfully the doctor laughed it off and said “I’m sorry Stella, I won’t touch your stuff”! haha.  Yikes!


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