Stella is hilarious!

I know I’ve probably told everyone this story but I just have to put it in writing so I won’t ever forget!  She has been hilarious lately.  She cracks us up.  🙂

The other day Bear and Stella were hanging out in her room.  Stella was walking around and lost her balance and fell back on her bottom right on her little Violet stuffed animal.  (Violet is a stuffed animal dog that plays nighttime songs as well as talks and sings.  We sometimes put Violet in bed with Stella and play the nighttime songs to help her fall asleep.) Anyways, when she fell on Violet, Violet said “Good night Stella”, and started to play the bedtime song.  Stella stumbled back and started to loose her mind.  She was crying really hard, looking at Barrett like “NO, i do not want to take a nap!” Next thing you know, she reached down, picked Violet up over her head and launched her into her crib!  Barrett said he just lost it, he was laughing so hard. 🙂

Stella asleep with Violet (Top left!)

She has also been cracking us up with her words lately.  She hasn’t said much in English that we can understand yet, most of it is baby gibberish.  She says “Hi Libby” every time she sees or passes by Liberty, she has a penguin that is a stuffed animal but looks realistic, he is her baby and she says “Hi baby” to him all the time.  Its hilarious because its this really stiff stuffed animal that is not cute or cuddly one bit!  An amazing friend of mine gave us a bag full of small stuffed animals that I brought home from work one day.  I handed Stella one of the little dogs and told Barrett that we should keep the rest upstairs and slowly give them to her.  Well I went into the other room and I hear this rustling of the bag and she exclaims “OH WOW!”as the bag falls off the couch and she was able to see what was inside.  She found two leopards and went around showing all of us! She even showed Libby! She calls the little ones her “little babies” haha.  Awesome.  We have the best daughter ever! 🙂

Stella is at a tea party with her "babies"


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