Baking 101…Check for ingredients

There are very few days that go by that we don’t eat dessert in our house.  Bear and I LOVE dessert and we have successfully passed that love on to Stella.  Last saturday we were hanging around the kitchen and we really wanted dessert.  (Side note: I had been putting off grocery shopping for awhile now, until this moment I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten.)  I decided to make something chocolately because well, why would you make anything else! I went to the pantry to pull out brownie mix and we were out! According to Bear, he had bought 3 packs a few weeks ago. I scrounged around the cabinet for some ideas and found a cookies and cream cheeseball mix that we got as a gift.  The package had a recipe for cookie dough pizza.  YUM! I was sold.  I check the ingredient list…cookie dough, cookies and cream mix, and cream cheese.  hmmmm….we didn’t have cookie dough.  Well thank goodness for google, I pull up a cookie dough recipe and start baking.  After adding the first few ingredients I pull out the sugar container and to my suprise find it almost empty! Dang.  We were out of sugar.  So I went to the pantry and found a bag of straws, sugar and creamer packets that our cousin brought over when we moved.  Slowly I started dumping sugar packets into the measuring cup.  About 75 sugar packets later I had just over 1 cup of sugar! The recipe called for 1.5 cups sugar.  Shoot.  I improvised and used 1/2 cup brown sugar…we were back on track! Next I had to cream the eggs and sugar with butter.  I went to the fridge and there was a lonely stick of butter.  I needed 2.  hmm…I dug in the back of the fridge and found a tub of margarine! We were on our way! haha. Slowly the recipe came together, I baked the cookie dough in a pizza pan, waited for it to cool and added the cream cheese/cookies and cream mixture.  It was the wierdest looking dessert but ended up tasting delcious! 🙂 I forgot to get a pic of it, so if there is any left when I get home I’ll snap a pic and add it. 

After the baking adventure we all hung out and enjoyed family time.  I have the best family ever!

i realized that I still have a christmas decoration up when I uploaded this pic!



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