Some of Stella’s Favorite Things

Stella is now just over 17 months old and every day that passes I think she couldn’t get any cooler and she does!  She is so funny, smart, sweet, cute, awesome all rolled into one tiny little girl.  🙂 I know I’m biased but she really is amazing!

Here are a few of her favorite things…I wish I had more pictures but she knows what my phone looks like so when she sees me get it ready to take a picture she immediately stops whatever cute thing she was doing and runs towards me wanting the phone…This leads us into love #1: our cell phones.

Talking and eating at the same time..this girl does it all!

Stella cannot get enough of our phones.  She loves to carry them around, pretending to talk to people.  She loves to push the buttons and text her YiaYia! We had to start playing music on our phones whenever she takes them so we know where they are whenever she decides to put them down.  One time I couldn’t find my phone because it was under the couch.  We searched for it everywhere! That’s when Bear let me in on his little music trick secret.  Works like a charm!

The other thing she is loving in that photo is popcorn! She will carry around our huge popcorn bowl like it is made of gold! She carefully sets it down in the middle of the room, eats a few pieces, then moves on to the next room.  Then if I have some popcorn in my own bowl, she has to make sure that she gets some of mine too.  She definitely takes after me and her Aunt Nikki in the popcorn love department!

Is that chicken for me?!

 Stella LOVES chicken nuggets.  Chicken, popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, Chiptole chicken (more on that coming up)…you name it, she loves it.  And I mean LOVES it.  In the wise words of cousin Michelle “If I loved anything in this world as much as Stella loves chicken, I would be a very happy girl”.  The minute you get the bag out of the freezer she goes nuts! Then she gobbles it up before you get it all on her plate. 

Due to her mediterranean roots, this one is no suprise.  Stella loves hummus.  She also loves feeding herself so this is a messy love.

My little Python...

 Stella became a Chipotle lover when our kitchen was being renovated.  Bear and I are known Chipotle addicts and now we have recruited another.  She loves the burritos, quacamole and chips.  🙂 She was like a little bird, she kept talking bites then walking straight toward me with her mouth open, awaiting another bite!

Last but certainly not least… Stella loves her daddy and loves watching his bball team!  We went to see the JV game the other night and she was mesmorized! She was all set with her snacks, drink and phone! haha.  One thing I haven’t been able to capture is Stella’s new dance move.  We call it the chicken wing.  She did it every time music played at the bball game.  It was amazing.  She would stick one arm out like she was going to do the funky chicken dance and just move that one arm up and down.  She would add a little hip wiggle for good measure.  It was the cutest thing ever! I haven’t been able to capture it yet in a photo, but I am trying!

Just a random assortment of our life right now.  I hope you enjoy!


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