Black beans, oh my!

My little helper!

There are a few little background things that need to be said before I get into the story….

First off, Stella LOVES black beans.  I’m not sure I mentioned that in the previous post of the things Stella loves…hmm, minor error.  She loves them so much we ended up buying black beans from Costco! haha we have like 20 cans of black beans.

Second, I am a big fan of recipes.  I print off at least 2 a day.  (I have recently decided to be a little more green so I have been emailing them to myself).  A while back I had printed a recipe for brownies in which they used black beans to replace the flour.  It was suppose to taste the same but have more protein and fewer calories.  I was intrigued.  Bear found the recipe and was like no way, please don’t mess with brownies!  I promised him he wouldn’t even know the difference.  He swore he would be able to tell so we planned to have a taste test.  Well I didn’t want him to know when this taste test would happen so I’ve just had it waiting in my back pocket for a good time when he wouldn’t see it coming.

And finally, what got this whole thing started was that I really wanted chocolate cake.  I am a big fan of the cake in a mug recipes floating around the internet.  I was googling cake in a mug recipes when I unfortunately stumbled upon the calorie count.  YIKES!! 700+ calories per mug.  One I saw had 900+ calories! YUCK! I couldn’t believe it.  SO then I started googling lower calorie cake in a mug recipes and I remembered the black bean brownie challenge.

On with the story…

I found a recipe and read the reviews:  “We are brownie conosuiers and my family absolutely LOVED these brownies!!

“Oh my god. I can’t recommend this recipe enough. Seriously. Try it”

“As wierd as the recipe sounds, these are surprisingly good and satisfying!”

After reading more rav reviews, I thought “Ok, worth a try!”

The batter looked identical to regular brownie batter so I was excited about it.  I set the timer and went to hang with Stella while Bear slept.

Thank you pinterest for the choc chips in a creamer bottle idea!

I started to get worried that he might know something was up with the brownies when the sweet chocolate black bean aroma wafted through the air.  I told myself that was because I knew the black beans were in them.  About 20 mins in I checked the batter with a fork and it wasn’t quite done yet. I licked the batter on the fork and my fears were pretty much confirmed.  It tasted like sweet mushed black beans.  :/  I thought to myself “well let’s see how it tastes when its completely cooked”.  I took the brownies out 10 mins later and let them cool.  Bear was getting ready to go to church and I snuck a piece.  um….how do I put this nicely….it was awful.  I took 1 bite and almost spit it out, then I took another bite to make sure it was really as bad as I thought, and took a 3rd bite that confirmed.  These brownies were horrible.  😦

I started laughing and walked over to spit the brownie out of my mouth.  Bear gave me a weird look because he knows I would NEVER spit out a brownie!  I told him the plan was to have a taste test but that now there was no need because these were just awful! He said “I knew it something was up…it smelled like mexican chocolate dessert” (He said a specific dessert name but now that I’m typing it out I can’t remember for the life of me!) He didn’t believe me that they were that bad…his mistake! He took a bite and immediately spit it out!  We gave some to Stella and she thought they were delicious! I let her have some of the black bean brownies and I went back and made the brownie mix we had in the pantry!  I also promised Bear I would not mess with brownies ever again!

Don't be fooled...the one on the right is the real deal!


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