Tofu was a success!

She's concentrating!

I had read somewhere that tofu is a good option as a protein source for kids.  I want Stella to be exposed to all types of food so she isn’t a picky eater.  So far she is good about at least trying something once.  It works best if you put it in a little bowl and give her her own fork. She will try anything that way! Offer her a bite and she is shake her head saying “nananana” but give her her own bowl with a fork and she is all over it! 🙂

Bear had bball so it was the perfect night to try the tofu with soba noodles and peanut sauce.  He’s not a fan of sweet peanut butter savory recipes.  (I LOVE them!) I found two recipes and could not decide between the two.  Here were my options.  Tofu #1 or Tofu #2. I finally decided that the peanut sauce sounded better. I mean who could go wrong with peanut butter!?

Leah came over and helped me put everything together.  Our critique for the recipe was definitely use low sodium soy sauce and less of it in the marinade.  The tofu turned out very salty.  (Probably the reason Stella loved it!!) The peanut sauce was awesome!!! Seriously…so good! You have to try this!  Also, making tofu taste good was so easy.  I had deja vu though because I used so much of the soy sauce in the marinade that by the time I went to make the peanut sauce I was running very low on soy sauce.  I had to open the fridge and get all those little soy packets that you get with chinese take out.  I opened like 7 packets of soy sauce and had just enough! 🙂 (think back to the post about making dessert using sugar packets!)

I didn’t get any good pics because it was so good I ate it too quickly!  But the website has great pics so I don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

I will leave you with my cute little daughter….she is the best!

She loves putting this headband around her neck!


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