We are so proud!

***I wrote this last saturday and forgot to post it!***

I had to work this am so I left before Stella woke up.  Bear got her up and made her oatmeal for breakfast.  When she was done he put her oatmeal on the counter, cleaned her up and got her down.  They spend the next little while hanging out together in the living room.  Stella disappeared for a minute and came back holding her oatmeal and spoon.  She set her oatmeal on the ottoman and proceeded to eat.  Bear looked over and was like “oh, I’m sorry Stella, I thought you were done.”  She continued eating until all the oatmeal was gone and looked up at him and said “All gone”!  He gave her a high five and continued to finish what he was working on.  A few minutes later he looked up to see the oatmeal bowl was no where to be found.  “Stella, where did you put your bowl”? He asked  She walked into the kitchen and pointed to the sink!  He looked in and sure enough, she put her empty bowl in the sink!! haha.  Oh my gosh, She is the best ever!!


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