Stella is Awesome!

I took Stella shopping with me the other day.  She is a great little shopper! (I’ve trained her well…haha) I usually put her in a cart but we were just going to look for a few things so I let her walk around with me.  We were looking through the clothes racks at Marshalls and she stayed close by looking through the bottom of the shirts as I checked out the top.  She loved running underneath the clothes so she went and did that while I checked out a few cute shirts.  All of a sudden something pink that she was holding caught my eye.  I thought she had knocked down a shirt or something.  I glanced down at her and could not believe my eyes!!  Little tiny Stella, my sweet 20 month old was carrying around a 5lb kettle bell!

My first reaction was oh my gosh! Put that down! I was convinced she would hurt herself.  And then I thought “well, wait, I should get a picture of this!” haha.  My sister and a bunch of friends are big into Crossfit so I immediately wanted to get a pic to send to them! So I got a few good photos and then convinced her we couldn’t carry it around with us and showed her where to put it back.

She didn’t agree with setting it down and tried to run off with it!

She’s going to put it back.

A few minutes later as we were walking by another part of the store she saw the display for a bunch more and ran up to them and tried to pull one of the shelf.  I caught her just in time!  She’s really for Crossfit!


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