A little Stella update

We have been so busy I haven’t been doing much in terms of cooking and if I do I always forget to take pics of the successes or failures! 😉 I did make my first attempt at fried rice Monday night and it was a huge success.  I bought some diced chicken in hopes that Stella would eat some instead of always eating breaded chicken.  Not so much.  Now I am trying to find recipes that use diced chicken!  🙂 I followed my coworkers advice and just cooked rice with some chicken bouillon.  Then heated up some oil with garlic, threw in frozen veggies and frozen diced chicken and let them cook for a bit.  After that was heated I just added the rice.  Toss in some soy and teriyaki sauce and bam! Dinner is served!

We just got back from the most amazing vacation with the entire family to Hilton Head.  We had the best time relaxing, hanging out and enjoying each others company.  Stella is a little  fish and never wanted to leave the pool.

She recently started calling both Barrett and I “mommy”.  haha hilarious for me! One morning while on vacation, Stella woke up before us, looked over to our bed and cried out “Mommy and Mommy!” haha.  Bear leaned over and said “Babe, she’s calling you!” haha.  I replied “She’s calling us both!”

She also fell deeper in love with her cousins, especially little Zoe.  She kept saying Zoe’s name over and over whenever she saw her.  Even Thalia became Zoe.  In fact, every little kid we saw for the rest of the week including the flights home became “Zoe”.  So any adult is “Mommy” and any kid is now “Zoe”!

Bear had a two day trip up north right when we got home from vacation.  I picked Stella up from her babysitters after his second day of being gone and she kept saying “Where’s Mommy?” over and over and over while we were in the car.  I kept repeating “I’m right here baby” or “I’m the one driving the car Stella!”  After the 20th time in a row I finally realized she was asking for Barrett.  I leaned back and said “Oh, Daddy? He’s at work, but he will be home tonight!”  She simply replied “Oh” and went on about something else! It was awesome!


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  1. tdblue
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 16:00:08

    Stella looks adorable in the pool. And thanks for the simple, quick recipe! I’ll have to try it.


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