Our girly tomboy!

So this might be one of my favorite pictures of Stella. (Even though she is squinting!)  She is in love with girly things…bracelets, necklaces (even underwear ones), clips, headbands, bows, etc.  You name it, if she can put it in her hair or over her head she will.  She looks so pretty and sweet doesn’t she?

Well this little princess has a tomboy in her.  Bear was sitting on the couch the other day and Stella came running up to him with what looked like something in her hand.  She made a motion like she threw something at him but nothing came out of her hand.  She ran away giggling and he just wrote it off as her being silly.  A good amount of time went by and she came up to him again pointing and laughing.  He kept looking for something but couldn’t find anything.  She kept coming up and laughing, he kept looking and not finding anything.  Finally he reached his hand up into his beard and pulled out an ANT! He looked at her in disbelief and said “You threw an ant on me! Seriously?!”

So Bear tells me this story and I am laughing my butt off, but secretly thinking “Thank goodness she didn’t throw a bug on me!” Last saturday we were hanging out in the living room and she had this small gray fuzz in her hand.  She held it up and looked at me like “ok, what do I do with this!?” I told her to bring it to me and held out my hand.  Well, lets all stop and guess what it was… A rolly polly bug! She puts it in my hand and all I see as I look down are a million little legs waving at me! EWWW!! I threw it up in the air and then realizing that I am trying not to pass along my fear of bugs, I say “Oh, just a little bug.  No big deal. Let’s throw him away.”  (Inside I was screaming “EWWWWWWWWWWWW”) 🙂


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