Chocolate Chip Cookies

This cute cookie will have to work, I didn’t take pics of the cookies I made!

One day after dinner I was craving chocolate (I should say “most days”!) and I decided to make us some chocolate chip cookies.  I went to Pinterest because it is amazing and started seeking out the best chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Well the same recipe kept coming up over and over again so I decided to check it out.  I usually scan a recipe for ingredients and amount of work it will take to get me my desired outcome.  Especially after dinner and in need of chocolate, I want the path of least resistance.  Well this crazy recipe kept coming up with 2 types of flour, fancy chocolate, etc.  I was telling Bear about it and he was like “yes, that is what I want”.  I very much enjoy pleasing my husband so I was about to over look the fact that I didn’t have more than the basic flour and chocolate chips, until I looked further down the recipe.  (haha I know, I actually read through it! Surprising.) The dough has to sit for 24-72 hrs! Who actually plans dessert 72hrs in advance? I immediately started looking for another recipe.  Bear was bummed.  I promised him I would make them for his bday and he was happy again!  I decided on the simple Nestle recipe on the back of the bag of chocolate chips and we had a delicious treat.

Birthday boy with a very sleepy baby!

Fast forward to the week before Bear’s birthday.  Somehow I miraculously remembered that I was gonna make them for his bday.  I wanted to surprise him so it worked out perfectly that the two days before his bday he had to work late.  I was hoping to get crazy and actually let it sit for 72hrs but I was too busy those few nights earlier and had to wait til the last-minute to make these things.  I had gone to the store a couple of months earlier and got what I thought was the correct flour going on memory.  Surprise surprise, I didn’t actually have the right kind when it came down to it.  I also didn’t have dark chocolate.  (See, even with months in advance I don’t plan recipes out too well!)

I started to follow the recipe, adding things as needed.  Ignoring the things I didn’t have and substituting in the things I did!  I was thinking that all was going well until I got to the part that said “2 eggs, room temperature”.  Well shoot, I did have eggs but they were refrigerator temperature.  I looked around at a way to warm them up and saw two of my pant pockets!  Side note: It is really hard to fight the urge to sit down when you have eggs in the back pockets of your yoga pants! 🙂


I decided to put away the dishes while I waited for the eggs to warm up.  Ok, that’s not actually the truth.  I ate this amazing Greek dessert (galaktoboureko) while I waited for the eggs to warm.  Then, when I realized it would take more time to warm up cold eggs I decided to be productive. (Turns out warming eggs in your back pocket is not effective.) However, mid unload I realized that the whole premise of the room temp eggs seems pointless when all this is going into the fridge for 24 hours anyways! Immediate laughter as I realized I had walked around with eggs in my pockets for no reason! I quickly got everything mixed together and hid it in the fridge so all the ingredients could get to know each other for the next 24 hours.

The next night, I preheated the oven and started to scoop out the dough.  The day before I had made sure I got out my ceramic bowl so it would be easier to scoop out of when the dough was chilled.  Um, I think I need a class on how to scoop cold dough.  I almost broke my wrist trying to get the dough out.  I would get the scooper under some dough with all my strength behind it and then some little part would give way and my wrist/forearm would go flying into the side of the ceramic bowl. 😦  The next day I had a golf ball sized lump on my wrist! I was able to make the cookies, clean the kitchen and hide all the evidence before he got home! (Later we talked about it and he said he knew I had made cookies because the house smelled so good, but he looked everywhere and couldn’t find them! I am good at hiding treats!)

After all that hard work, I ended up cooking a majority of the cookies for about 5 mins too long.  After my few mess ups I wanted to return to following the recipe to a T.  Turns out I should have just used common sense and taken them out sooner.  All in all, it was a great cookie, just cooked too long.  So when you need a quick cookie treat, this is not the recipe for you…however, if you happen to have cake flour and bread flour and fancy chocolate at your disposal along with 24-72 hrs, then this is definitely the recipe for you!


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