Our San Diego Trip and Little Baby Bump Reed

I really wanted to take one more trip with just Bear, Stella and I before our little one arrives in November.  Plus Stella turns 2 at the end of the month and I wanted one more flight to Cali before we had to pay for her ticket too!

As most of you know, my amazing twin sister is also pregnant!! Woohoo!!  I could not wait to get some pics of the two of us pregnant together.  I wanted to have some memories of us being pregnant together before it was too late for either of us to fly.  So we booked a trip and headed out to the west coast!

Here are the pics from our awesome trip! Thanks for everything Nikki and Toby! 🙂 We love you guys.

Stella spent her time screaming “Airpane”


We had a delayed flight…


Hanging with Aunt Nik


Pregnant Twins!


I love this one!


Me and my baby! 🙂

Stella loved the water! She kept running into the waves and running back out.  A few times however, she got a little too cocky and went too far when the wave retreated into the ocean.  When the wave came rushing back it ended up knocking her off her feet.  She did not like that one bit.  This happened a few times and she decided it was enough! Poor thing was so upset!

YAY! A nephew is on the way!

Baby Reed is due in December!

Our little family…soon to be 4!

One really funny thing happened when we were hanging on the beach.  Nikki and Toby wanted to have both boy and girl pics so when they found out the baby’s gender they could just send out the appropriate picture instead of having to run to the beach and take the pic after they found out.  So we were hanging out by the water and Nikki took the boy pic in a blue suit then went to change into a pink suit for the girl picture.  After she was back and had taken the other picture we were approached by a woman who was with her family on the beach.  She said “I’m so sorry, but I have to ask…’Are you two twins?'” We all laughed and said yes.  She then said “Oh, cause we weren’t sure when she came back in the pink suit if there were three of you”  haha.  Amazing. She said her and her family were all trying to figure out how many look alike pregnant woman there were and who belonged to which one! haha.  She ended our conversation by offering to take a pic of all of us together.  She was so sweet!

Thanks for a great trip!



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