How we eat clementines at our house…

Saturday was spent getting stuff done around the house.  We bought a beautiful mahogany table off craigslist that Bear is refinishing.  I’ll hopefully post pics of it soon.  Its so pretty! Ohh I forgot to get a before pic…i’ll have to go get an inbetween pic today after work!

Stella and I entertained ourselves while Bear worked his butt off.  We wandered into the kitchen to look for a snack.  I cut up the last of the strawberries and filled her bowl.  She is a strawberry addict and was looking for more once her bowl was empty.  She ran into the kitchen, pointed at the fridge saying “strawberry, strawberry!”  I opened the fridge and had to tell her we were all out but that doesn’t really work with a 2 year old.  She started to get all upset and tried to climb up my leg to search for herself.  She was slowly losing her mind when I frantically grabbed a clementine in hopes to calm her down.  At this point she was sitting on the kitchen floor with her empty bowl in her lap pouting.  I grabbed another bowl and sat down in front of her and started peeling the fruit.  I put the peels in my bowl and the wedges of clementine in hers.  I made funny noises as I put each wedge in her bowl in hopes to make her smile.  She slowly decided that this was a fun game and started grabbing the wedges out of my hand to put in her own bowl.  Once we were done peeling the fruit she grabbed her bowl and walked into the living room where she sat at the ottomon on her rocking chair and devoured her clementine.  “More, please!” she screamed!  (So cute!) I started to peel another one and she sat back down on the floor and we repeated the process.  She devoured 2 more clementines after that!

Fast forward to last night.  She went to the fridge before bed and started asking for strawberries.  I told her we still didn’t have any and tried to figure out what she wanted.  I finally picked her up and asked her to point to what she wanted.  She couldn’t find the right word and started to get upset.  I thankfully remembered that she probably didn’t know how to say clementine yet so I pulled one out of the drawer and she grabbed it and smiled!   She immediately went to the cupboard, grabbed her bowl and sat on the floor.  I was at the sink peeling the clementine and heard the sweetest little voice call out “mommy, mommy?”  I look down and she was patting the floor where she wanted me to sit!  I am in love with this girl! She is so stinking cute! We pulled apart the wedges and put them in her bowl.  I made the funny noises again and she copied.  Then she ran to the living room and waited for me to get her chair into place! haha.  It was amazing! 🙂


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