Happy Birthday Little One!

Time flies. Everyone use to tell me that when I got older it would go by faster. And when I had kids it would go even faster. I am still baffled by how right those statements are! Our little girl is two years old! It’s amazing how much she has learned over the last few months, let alone the last two years.

She is only 2 and yet she sometimes seems so much older. She wants to help in every way possible. I am so in awe of this girl and her love to serve already. I pray God gives me the knowledge and guidance to show her a lifetime of serving others. One example of her willingness to help others happened this past week while we were camping. We were all hanging around the campfire in our camping chairs. I think the total was 54 people and 3 dogs! So needless to say there were a lot of chairs! Stella was obsessed with a different kid chair then the one we brought. She loved Teddy’s chair. Thankfully that family brought two of the same chairs so Teddy could have one and Stella could have one. Well there was this one boy Elijah who didn’t have a kid chair to sit in. Stella saw him looking around and I pointed to another kid chair near him. He went off to find his own and Stella took off to find him one too. Next thing I know Stella is dragging another kid chair over to where she was sitting to give to Elijah! It was so cute! Too bad Teddy saw this all happen and started walking behind Stella trying to figure out the best way to get his chair back!

She is always eager to help me vacuum (a post all of its own!), wipe the tables, fold laundry, throw stuff away, etc. You name it, she wants to help. And most of the time she actually does an amazing job of helping!

She is just the coolest kid I have ever met (and I know most moms think that about their own kid but its totally true). She makes us laugh so much every day. She is loving and sweet and smart and is just the best! I have been so blessed to be her Momma! I wish her the best birthday she could possibly have and I hope to share many many many more!




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