This is hilarious and totally random!

So I adore Jimmy Johns sandwiches. I like them a whole lot.  When I was pregnant with Stella I struggled because I am a rule follower and was told not to eat lunch meat.  My favorite sandwich was #4, Turkey Tom.  Once I found out I was pregnant with Stella we avoided Jimmy Johns for awhile until I found out they have a veggie sub.  I tried it with some skepticism, however it ended up being delicious! Now I order it all the time!! All of that being said, I really hate their radio commercials. Like a whole lot.  Whenever that “freaky fast delivery” commercial comes on, I almost break my hand because I react so fast to change it.  I always change the station if it comes on.  It makes Bear laugh.  He always says “wow, you really hate that huh?”

So today I am driving home from visiting a friend and Ace of Base “I Saw the Sign” comes on the radio.  We use to make dances up to this song in my basement growing up!  We were so good! haha.  I was just singing my little heart out when a car caught my eye.  It was a Jimmy Johns delivery guy.  All of a sudden instead of ace of base I had the “freaky fast delivery” commercial blaring in my head.  Without even thinking, my hand immediately went to change the radio station!  HAHA I tried to change the radio station to get the freaky fast delivery thought out of my head! haha

Who does that?!

This girl!


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