Nikki’s Baby Shower

Over Labor Day weekend I had the honor(with most of my favorite woman) of throwing my twin sister a baby shower!

It has been so much fun being pregnant together! I can’t believe in a little over 4 weeks that won’t be the case anymore!! Time is going by so fast! She is 6 weeks behind me so our little ones will get the amazing opportunity to grow up together.  If only they didn’t live so far away…

We did simple decorations.  I cut out a bunch of circles from scrapbook paper and then just fed them through the sewing machine.  It was so easy and I loved the way they turned out! I got the idea here.  I put a little more space between the circles then the other blog showed and it gave the garland a little more wiggle room.   Plus Michaels had an amazing sale on scrapbook paper (6/$1) so it didn’t cost very much at all to make.  Stella liked helping me organize the circle sizes and feed them through the machine.  🙂 I made 3 different sized circles using cups in the kitchen. 

The favors were my favorite!! I was at church one morning and we were studying Psalms when this Psalm caught my eye “Psalm 114:12a May our sons flourish in their youth like well nurtured plants” I thought it paired perfectly with the succulent favors and the fact that she is having a boy! I loved them.  We ordered some succulents from an Etsy shop called Sanpedrocactus and I bought the rest from Lowes.  They were so beautiful.  🙂

We printed out some recent photos Nikki had taken at the beach when we were out there visiting and hung those around the space.  Lastly we just kept repeating the color scheme in things like table clothes, cups, silverware, etc.

Stella was our little helper.  I helped keep track of who got her what and Stella brought the gifts to us.  She loved helping Nikki open all the gifts and cards!

Her nephew got use matching gifts! He is so sweet.  Little converse socks that look like shoes.  They are perfect!

The whole gang together! We had a blast.  I am so happy so many of our friends and family came out to celebrate Nikki, Toby and their little one. 

These are all the girl cousins that could make it and their babies with their grandma, yiayia and great grandma.  I feel so blessed that Stella has so many cousins to grow up with.  I love them all so much!


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  1. Overwhelmed By Joy
    Sep 24, 2012 @ 15:01:50

    How wonderful that you are having babies at nearly the same time! I have an identical twin sister. However, I was married nine years ahead of her. She has one in grade school. . . and I have two grandchildren! I’m sure the cousins will really enjoy each other in the years ahead.


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