Working out is hard to do…

I'm in love!

I’m in love!

Ok SO….I’ve been struggling to add working out to the “things I’ve actually accomplisted today list” for the last week. I started off working out one day a few weeks ago, then 2 days the next week, and this week was suppose to be the week of 3 days a week. Hmm, who wants to guess how many days I worked out this week…

It rhymes with arrow…

Well, my coworker decided to start taking the stairs as a way to get ready for his trip to the Grand Canyon. I thought “well that’s a wonderful idea”! and now we go together. The funny thing is that Joe and Zach thought it was a great idea too so now all 4 of us go down the stairs to the basement, up to 9 and back down to 7 all in a row. One time on the way down Joe tripped and scared Bill and I because we thought he was going to knock us over like dominos! Thats the risk you take when you let the 250lb guy go last I guess!That started last week and now we have all been trying to encourage each other to take the stairs more. Today I was sooo tired. I haven’t been getting that much sleep (I can’t even blame the 3 month old, she’s been amazing!) so I needed to get up and move to stay awake. I took the stairs 3 times! The last time I timed it and it took me 6 mins! 6×3=18mins! Thats kind of a work out right? After my workout 😉 I was catching up on this great blog How Sweet Eats and she posted a recipe for Banana Bread Tres Leches Cake. YUM!!! I know what I’m making this weekend!! I think I may need to hit the stairs a few more times today after seeing this deliciousness. It has fruit in it though, so its healthy right?


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