Stella is hooked!

sleepy stella

I think if you hung out with me for more than 4 minutes you would realize how much I love chocolate. It’s an addiction really. And one I’m ok with having! It turns out that chocolate addiction is genetic because my mom suffers from it as well as my 2.5 year old daughter! We have this favorite breakfast place, The Breakfast Club, who brings chocolate covered strawberries with your bill at the end of your meal. This place is amazing! I almost always eat mine right on the spot but usually Bear likes to take his home. I asked Stella one day if she wanted a strawberry with me, she immediately said “NO” and ran off. I swear 2 year olds don’t even listen to the question once they learn the word no! Well I knew she would want one so I said “What?! You don’t want a chocolate covered strawberry?” She immediately hightailed it into the kitchen and said “i do, i do mommy!” Well the take home container was giving me greif. I could not get that thing opened for the life of me. Not 10 secs after I started struggling with the box Stella yells out in this addict inflicted, high pitched, whine/yell “I NEED IT!” I laughed so hard it took me even longer to get the box open!

In honor of my beautiful daughter and her love for chocolate, it only seems right for me to share this delicious chocolate recipe with you.  We received this as a gift at Bear’s work Christmas party and I fell in love with the recipe.  I found it with a different name online.  The online recipe calls these cookies Cowboy Cookies.  The things that make these cookies so wonderful are the chocolate chips we get from Costco.  They are seriously the best chocolate chips I’ve ever eaten.  They are gooey and melty and chocolatey in the best chocolate chip cookie way possible.  🙂  Enjoy!



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