Hello Friends

I know its been a long while since I last posted anything. Having kids has changed my priorities so much! I love writing and documenting funny stories, but in this stage of life, I’m living those memories instead of writing them down. Who knows what is in store with the blog…I’ll play it by ear.

Until I know what I’m gonna do, I have a funny story to share about the adventures of potty training! Warning: Potty language coming up!

After Stella went to bed last night, I came upstairs to put away laundry. She popped her head out of the room and said she needed to go potty in her room. (We have a little potty in there…don’t fear!) She sat there for some time and nothing happened. I told her to go to bed and she said she had to go poop. I said “ok, I have to pee so you do that and I’ll be right back”. I got back to her room, she looked at me and said “Mommy, you go pee on the potty?” I said “yup”! She says “Oh mommy, I so proud of you. I so proud of you mommy.” Then she reaches up and pats me on the back and says “oohhh, I so proud of you. So proud of you mommy”! HAHA!! She looked so sweet and serious. It was amazing. 🙂

Have a great week!


Pancakes and Sass

Stella LOVES pancakes. She requests them most mornings for breakfast and even most days for dinner! She especially loves them with chocolate chips and whipped cream. We usually just buy the store bought mix and make them that way. I have however made homemade pancake mix and had great luck with it. I found a ton of links for the recipe online. Here are a few. Easy Homemade Instant Pancake Mix. Homemade Pancake Mix.

My mom was making pancakes for Stella the other morning. They were hanging out in the kitchen and Stella was sipping on some juice. She was trying to drink out of a big girl cup but it was making my mom nervous. YiaYia kept hovering, just trying to make sure Stella did not spill. Apparently YiaYia was getting in Stella’s face because the next thing you know Stella slowly put her cup down, raised her hand out in front of YiaYia’s face and said sternly, “MAKE THE PANCAKES!”


After eating pancakes the other day at our favorite restaurant, Stella wanted to go look at the books. I told her she could and looked back a few minutes later to this:

breakfast reading

That girl melts my heart! 😉

Best Recipe Ever!

I stumbled upon a recipe for Butter Chicken awhile ago and tucked it away in my email file “Dinner Options”. That file soon got overwhelming so the other day I went through and weeded out the ones I actually would never try. I was so excited to find this one again. Bear and I LOVE indian food. It seemed like an easy enough recipe too. Well we gave it a try last night and it was delicious! Seriously, so good. In normal Steph fashion, I went to the store with a list and didn’t actually get all the ingredients we needed! 😉 When I was at the store the power went out and all the registers were having trouble with the credit card machine. Instead of waiting for them to fix it I decided to just get the essentials for our meal using cash and leave the rest of my cartfull behind. I thought I grabbed everything I needed but it turns out I left the can of tomato sauce. Thankfully we had a can of it at home, however it was dented. We took our chances with Botulism and used it anyways! Another thing I accidently overlooked was the amount of cream we needed. Bear specifically wrote out 1 pt whipping cream. I got to the whipping cream aisle and though to myself “hmm, this is just to thicken the sauce, we probably don’t need a big container” and grabbed the 1 cup option. (I totally missed the part where he actually mentioned a specific volume!) We laughed when I got home and bear was like “So, you just ignored the amount I requested?” I told him he should be happy I at least gave it some thought! I told him we could substitute fat free evaporated milk for cream in sauces but he didn’t believe me. He made me google it! I found this article discussing the options for subsituting cream. Bear suggested we follow this rule: “Cream sauces made with lower-fat cream substitutes also tend to have less body; to correct for that, consider adding 1 tablespoon flour or 2 teaspoons cornstarch to the sauce for every cup of evaporated milk substituted.” We chose to add cornstarch. We also did not marinate the chicken overnight like the recipe called for because, well I just didn’t read it in advance! But the chicken still tasted amazing! I’m looking forward to trying it again with marinated chicken, however, I don’t think I will ever actually use 1 pt of whipping cream. The evaporated milk option tasted amazing, and what an easy way to cut back on the fat and calories of this meal. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

I’ll leave you with a cute pic of the babies on FaceTime. I am in love with them!



After Stella went to bed a huge thunderstorm rolled in. Usually she is a great sleeper but this storm started right after she laid down. A huge thunder cracked and immediately we heard her start screaming upstairs. Bear ran up to calm her down. Bear tried to explain the noise to her but she kept saying “I don’t like it. Don’t want it!” After a little bit she calmed down enough to discuss it!

Stella: is that God (referring to the thunder outside)
Bear: “yeah I guess God makes the noise.”
Stella: “why?”
Bear: “to remind us He’s there”
Stella: “And the light too?”
Bear: “yup.”

They talked a little more and were eventually interrupted by another loud clap of thunder…

Stella: “Him car?!”

Bear: “I don’t know if God has a car. What do you think?”

Stella: “Nah…..Him walking!”

After that she cuddled in to Bear’s shoulder and was ready for sleep!

Just a little giggle for you…

We went to celebrate Easter at my aunt and uncles house. My cousins have an adorable new baby we needed to meet and we all wanted to get together. Right before dinner I decided to use the bathroom. Of course Stella had to come too! 😉 She glanced over at the bookshelf and says “Him silly!” I didn’t know what she was referring to but giggled anyway and said “yeah!” She then tilted her head to the side and said “Him in timeout?” Then matter of factly “him didnt listen to him daddy!”

🙂 I love her!


Stella is hooked!

sleepy stella

I think if you hung out with me for more than 4 minutes you would realize how much I love chocolate. It’s an addiction really. And one I’m ok with having! It turns out that chocolate addiction is genetic because my mom suffers from it as well as my 2.5 year old daughter! We have this favorite breakfast place, The Breakfast Club, who brings chocolate covered strawberries with your bill at the end of your meal. This place is amazing! I almost always eat mine right on the spot but usually Bear likes to take his home. I asked Stella one day if she wanted a strawberry with me, she immediately said “NO” and ran off. I swear 2 year olds don’t even listen to the question once they learn the word no! Well I knew she would want one so I said “What?! You don’t want a chocolate covered strawberry?” She immediately hightailed it into the kitchen and said “i do, i do mommy!” Well the take home container was giving me greif. I could not get that thing opened for the life of me. Not 10 secs after I started struggling with the box Stella yells out in this addict inflicted, high pitched, whine/yell “I NEED IT!” I laughed so hard it took me even longer to get the box open!

In honor of my beautiful daughter and her love for chocolate, it only seems right for me to share this delicious chocolate recipe with you.  We received this as a gift at Bear’s work Christmas party and I fell in love with the recipe.  I found it with a different name online.  The online recipe calls these cookies Cowboy Cookies.  The things that make these cookies so wonderful are the chocolate chips we get from Costco.  They are seriously the best chocolate chips I’ve ever eaten.  They are gooey and melty and chocolatey in the best chocolate chip cookie way possible.  🙂  Enjoy!


Working out is hard to do…

I'm in love!

I’m in love!

Ok SO….I’ve been struggling to add working out to the “things I’ve actually accomplisted today list” for the last week. I started off working out one day a few weeks ago, then 2 days the next week, and this week was suppose to be the week of 3 days a week. Hmm, who wants to guess how many days I worked out this week…

It rhymes with arrow…

Well, my coworker decided to start taking the stairs as a way to get ready for his trip to the Grand Canyon. I thought “well that’s a wonderful idea”! and now we go together. The funny thing is that Joe and Zach thought it was a great idea too so now all 4 of us go down the stairs to the basement, up to 9 and back down to 7 all in a row. One time on the way down Joe tripped and scared Bill and I because we thought he was going to knock us over like dominos! Thats the risk you take when you let the 250lb guy go last I guess!That started last week and now we have all been trying to encourage each other to take the stairs more. Today I was sooo tired. I haven’t been getting that much sleep (I can’t even blame the 3 month old, she’s been amazing!) so I needed to get up and move to stay awake. I took the stairs 3 times! The last time I timed it and it took me 6 mins! 6×3=18mins! Thats kind of a work out right? After my workout 😉 I was catching up on this great blog How Sweet Eats and she posted a recipe for Banana Bread Tres Leches Cake. YUM!!! I know what I’m making this weekend!! I think I may need to hit the stairs a few more times today after seeing this deliciousness. It has fruit in it though, so its healthy right?

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